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Have you ever received some outrageous, shocking news that was so hard to believe that your only reaction was: ”Really?!” The online world we live in brings many such jaw-dropping moments.

That’s why we created the course called “Fakt jo?” - Czech for “Really?!”. It will help you manage information chaos and navigate the ocean of information with ease and confidence. We have summed up everything in 5 instructional videos and an easy-to-use online course.

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So what exactly is the “five key questions” method? Let’s explore it in the videos with Beáta and Martin.

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These videos are just a short example of what our course can give you. We will elaborate on each of the questions, and you will try various exercises.

Let’s dive in!
(By the way, it’s free…)

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Maybe you feel like online courses are not for you, and you might prefer personal classes. We completely understand – in fact, we agree. Let’s meet in person! You will have the chance to discuss everything in a credibility verification workshop. Visit

…to discover our upcoming destinations. If we’re not in your area, please let us know. We can join forces with your local library and organize the event.

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